An Open Letter to Escort Agencies

Ever since moving to London, I have had a really hard time finding Asian escorts. When I lived in Dubai, it was really easy to find Asian escorts, but they seem to be very rare here in London. I have tried several central London escorts agency, but most of them have not been able to help me with my needs. It seems strange to me that in such a big place as London, there are no Asian escorts. I have dated a few other girls in London, Yes, it has been fun but I am missing my Asian escort’s experience.


Until very recently Asian escorts have been a bit of rare sight among London escorts. However, during the last year, more and more Asian girls seem to have moved to London. As a matter of fact, it is quickly becoming a bit of a trend in London to date hot Asian girls. I am not surprised to be honest, a lot of the Asian ladies are real delights and many gents seem to enjoy their company. They are small and petite, and very sexy and feminine at the same time. The curves of their body and the finest texture of their skin added so much flavor to their womanhood.  The way they carry their selves to the crowd give boost to their confidence in dealing up to their clients. Once they are into the services that they offer they really stands out amongst others. The silliness that they added to their motives and acts give so much adoration to their future encounter.

Finding Asian London escorts can still be a bit difficult. For some reason many of these girls seem to have settled in South London, so you are much more likely to find Asian girls through escorts agencies in South London. You need to take a look at places like Richmond and Brixton, these are the hottest places for dating Asian escorts. Many of the agencies in this part of town do outcalls, and that means that the girls are happy to come to you. You do need to pay for the costs of traveling but most of the time that is reasonable. But they make sure that every single penny that you impart to them is worth paying for. You cannot feel hanging in fact you will be more satisfied of what your expectations to them.

I am not sure what part of London you are in, but you can also try some of the West London based escorts agencies. Quite a few Asian girls have started to date through them as well. The cost are a little bit higher, but looking at the web sites, I have to say that the girls look stunning. I am not sure what countries you are looking for, but I have noticed that you can even date Japanese girls through some of the London escorts in the west part of town. If, this is closer to you. This might be the option, you need to find out which girls are closer to you. It is all up to your desire on who you will choose among the girls. The girl that suites to your personality. The girl that you think you have common interest in some of the things that you love to do. After all you are the one to decide to whom you want to make out of your precious time. So choose the best that really fits you, that after the encounter you will not have regrets.

Asian London escorts seem to be getting booked up really quickly, and it is best to plan in advance. As a matter of fact, all girls who are in short supply in London seem to get booked up quickly. A lot of gents to book from date to date, or they book weeks in advance. There are some girls at VIP agencies in London who are so popular that it is difficult to get a date. I would look around and see what girl’s tickles you fancy. So if were you book ahead of time so that you will be entertained well. The more time you wait the more excitement it brings.